Full-Stack Development Engineer - Newbury, UK

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About Us

Kynetec is a global leader in market research for animal health and agriculture, helping companies around the world understand the dynamics of their marketplace, turning data into business opportunities, and enabling our clients to create winning strategies.

We’re looking for a Full-Stack Software Development Engineer to join our globally distributed but close-knit team in creating, delivering, and maintaining our industry-recognised software-based solutions and platform.

About You

You like a challenge and you like to be kept on your toes. “It’s impossible” or “it can’t be done” is not in your vocabulary. Your confidence comes from 6+ years’ experience working across the technology stack making you able and comfortable working on the back-end systems writing APIs and microservices, on and against databases whether relational or not, through to the front-end graphical and command line interfaces. Your estimations for planning purposes are accurate because you’ve seen it/done it before. It doesn’t stop there though, you know when you need to script something using CLI-based applications or write something yourself because it’s quicker, simpler, and more effective that way. You have a strong understanding of best practice for code storage, management, and delivery, and you can quickly build a positive reputation because of your can-do attitude and commitment to deliver on your word. Your talents are driven by your proactive nature and thirst to progress quickly, and you’re keen to stretch out to support and work alongside DevOps and network engineers when and where necessary.

Your skills mean you enjoy working independently to just get things done on your own, but equally with others in the team because you appreciate and acknowledge the team is stronger today and you feel a sense of responsibility to share and help them learn and grow too.

You’ll be someone who wants to make a difference while looking for opportunities to learn about new and emerging technologies and see how it can help shape your career.

The Job

You can expect to be actively working on Kynetec’s data pipelines and data hosting platform. This will involve deep knowledge about databases and AWS’ Big Data Services. Efficiency, quality, and automation are paramount to keep the data flowing to those who depend on it operationally, and those who consume it as part of the Kynetec Product Portfolio.

Teams who depend on you are based around the world, so communication is vital as is ensuring proper hand-offs when required. Setting the right level of expectation is extremely important to ensure business users, operations staff, data consumers, and end-users are kept happy. There’s always scope for improvement everything. As a Full-Stack Developer, it’s expected you to work closely with the Senior Director of Software Development and Architect to help identify bottlenecks and break through ceiling boundaries!

There are opportunities for this role to take on a more active role in team leadership in the future if you can prove you’re one who can first lead by example, and coach others in the team.



  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (Foundation) 
  • AWS Certified Developer (Associate)


  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer (Professional)
  • AWS Certified Big Data (Speciality)

Skills & Technologies

  • OS: Linux, Windows

  • Languages: Python, C#, Java, Bash

  • Technologies : Vagrant, Docker, Jenkins, Git, Tableau, AWS

  • Spring : Boot, Cloud Config, Security, Data JPA, MVC

  • JavaScript, ReactJS

  • Lombok

  • Swagger

  • Junit, Mockito

  • Databases: RDS Aurora, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MySQL

  • Machine Learning: TensorFlow, PyTorch, Gluon with Apache MxNet, AWS SageMaker


  • Storing, analysing, and sharing very large data sets

  • Working with large (Exabyte) volumes of data – exporting, transforming, migrating, sanitising and cleaning as asynchronous batch jobs and streams

  • Data mining and rule-based data processing

  • Extensive practical experience using a wide range of AWS technologies, including: S3, EC2s, Lambda, Step Functions, Glue, EMR, API Gateway

  • Logging and monitoring of systems and data flows

  • Use of AWS CloudFront as a content delivery network

  • Identifying and resolving bottlenecks and weaknesses in execution/process flows and pipelines

  • Working with and alongside DevOps and Operations staff

  • Developing and maintaining large, distributed, highly available, highly scalable, event driven, serverless and microservice architectures

How to Apply

If you meet our criteria and would like to take part in the growth of Kynetec, please apply by sending your CV/resume and cover letter in English to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please be sure to include the job title in your subject line.

We guarantee discretion to all candidates.