About Kynetec

As global leaders in market research for agriculture and animal health, Kynetec helps companies understand the dynamics of their marketplace. With a presence in more than 70 countries, Kynetec conducts syndicated tracking studies to monitor market trends and custom research to provide unique information for making important business decisions.

Purpose of the Role

  • Hire quality staff required to scale up our phone room
  • Maximize the retention of competent staff and, consequently, over time reduce the cost associated with training due to interviewer attrition
  • Maintain metrics to monitor retention and tenure used to optimize the capacity of our workforce for the phone room
  • Contribute to building a culture that fosters a happy and productive team

Key Activities

  • Lead the recruitment process
  • Work closely with Call Center Manager to identify staffing needs to ensure that deadlines are met
  • Make advertising decisions as needed for job postings, career websites and university boards, etc.
  • Use innovative ways to recruit quality candidates for the phone room, such as social media, in efforts to maintain a pool of candidates for hiring
  • On-boarding new interviewers and supervisors
  • On-going training and coaching to new hires and established interviewers
  • Managing the QA process, including ongoing validations in efforts to attain monitoring goals
  • Assuring integrity of surveys by establishing QA processes to ensure the consistency of data is accurate
  • Work closely with Call Center Manager/Supervisory team to develop interviewers’ weaknesses into strengths
  • Conduct ongoing remedial coaching sessions improve production and efficiency
  • Notify Call Center Manager of quality issues for advisement for next steps in employee action plan

Skills Required

  • MS Office skills essential – competent in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access
  • WiseDialer platform
  • Experience managing remote employees

Evaluation Criteria

  • Have the phone staff and quality processes in place to scale our plans for Cloud CATI
  • Deliver increased productivity within the phone room
  • Deliver high quality interviews
  • Increase retention of high performing interviewers
  • Make the phone room a happy place to work
  • Foster effective team work amongst phone room based and remote interviewers

How to Apply

If you meet our criteria and would like to take part in the growth of Kynetec, please apply by sending your CV/resume and cover letter in English to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please be sure to include the job title in your subject line.

We guarantee discretion to all candidates.