Research Manager - France

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We are seeking a Research Manager in our Paris location, to take the lead on our custom and syndicated projects. You will support client questions regarding projects, and assist in preparing and presenting to clients. 

Key Activities 

  • Research Design & Proposal Development
    • Assists in creating bids for proposals including designing RFPs and getting costs from operations (supplier management team) and estimating research hours
    • Drafts a concept for study design, design and write questionnaires and topic guides (desk research on topics/client’s business, draft topic guides/questionnaires, topic guides/questionnaire revisions, works with Marketing Science, Weighting, Sampling on special aspects of questionnaire development as needed, preparing a code plan  - normally smaller projects/standardized projects
    • May support pricing development for specific elements of projects with supervision
  • Project Execution
    • Project manager for smaller projects or parts of complex projects
    • Deliver the projects with high quality and on delivery costs according to plan
    • Alignment and collaboration with internal groups
    • Keeping on budget
    • Handling of day-to-day issues
    • Work with a team to design studies, edit reearch tools, and plan analyses adn reporting
    • Quant:
      • Oversees the data collection processes such as preparing study specifications for Operations and/or agencies, client reports, drafting questionnaires, quota monitoring, sample delivery, troubleshooting and testing,
      • Tests quality of data collection and sample screening instruments. Edit questionnaire/survey items.
      • Monitors data collection procedures / instruments.
      • Creates tables specification, reports populating, data analysis and reporting
    • Qual:
      • Drafts discussion guides and assist debate with clients

      • Designs briefing notes, reporting template for Kynetec colleagues and agencies

      • Is aware of more advanced interviewing principles and practices

      • Conducts more complex project interviewing/ techniques on a range of issues

      • Enables respondents to easily express thoughts and feelings

  • Analysis & Reporting
    • Supports in creating impactful reports with detailed and meaningful insights, starts using ThinkStoryline and infographic methods
    • Helps to write headlines/executive summary, makes suggestions
    • In smaller projects, gives live/telco presentations to the customer (junior and mid-level management)
    • Quant:
      • creates and populates presentation charts
      • analyzes data and use a variety of tools to run cross-tabs and interrogate the data for meaningful results / liaise with DP to generate useful tables
    • Qual:
      • effectively analyses interview material
      • produces comprehensive country reports (following provided internal template)
      • produces overview report drafts highlighting implications and recommendations
  • Client Management
    • Begins to have regular interaction with junior and mid-level client management (presentations, phone calls, meetings, e-mail).
    • Communicates study progress to account manager and other senior colleagues in charge of the project.

Technical Skills Required

  • Good knowledge of industry, basic knowledge of Kynetec Custom Research portfolio
  • Advanced  project management skills
  • Fluent in English
  • Advanced in MS Office
  • Advanced analytical skills
  • Basic presentation skills
  • Advanced communication skills

Typical Education and Work Experience Required

  • Bachelor or master's degree
  • 3+ years of work experience
  • Knowledge of animal health and/or agriculture industry specifics (not a must)

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We guarantee discretion to all candidates.