Full Stack Developer - UK

On a typical day, you can expect to be actively working on Kynetec's data pipelines and their content delivery platform. This will involve deep knowledge about databases, AWS' Big Data Services, and event driven architectures. Efficiency, quality, and experience with automation are paramount for this role to uphold the data flow for those who depend on it operationally, and those who consume it as part of the Kynetec Product Portfolio.

Team members around the world will depend on you, so effective communication is vital. Setting the right level of expectation is extremely important too, not just within team but business users, operations staff, data engeneers and consumers, and end-users as well. As a Full-Stack Developer, it's expected you'll work closely with Senior Director of Software Development and DevOps to help identify bottlenecks and break through ceiling boundaries because there's always room for improvement!

You can expect to work with the following technologies: Java, JavaScript, ReactJS, AWS, PostgreSQL, SQL Server.

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We guarantee discretion to all applicants.