Colin Siren

Colin Siren

Chief Operating Officer, Animal Health

As COO for Animal Health, Colin leads the animal health insights teams globally. At its core, the animal health portfolio includes PetTrak and VetTrak, providing monthly market insights in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Germany and Poland. His team also provide bespoke client-driven customer insights and analytics globally on business topics related to opportunity assessment, pricing, user experience, communication, concept testing, segmentation, branding, customer experience and channel & sales force.

Colin has more than 20 years of experience relating to companion animal market and customer insights and marketing. Colin joined Kynetec in 2016. Prior to his appointment as Chief Operating Office for Animal Health, Colin was Senior Vice President for Kynetec's Animal Health Subscription Services business in North America, where he was responsible for rolling out Kynetec’s PetTrak market insights to the Animal Health Pharma sector. At Kynetec he was also a Customer Insights lead. Colin has a broad range of experience relating to quantitative and qualitative customer insights. Areas of specialization include pricing, segmentation, customer satisfaction, new product development and customer journey.

Colin earned degrees in Canada and Germany specializing in Marketing.

Prior to joining Kynetec, Colin was Vice President for Ipsos Animal Health for 14 years after starting his career in marketing with Siemens and Mercedes-Benz.

Colin is based in Ontario, Canada.

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