Stephen Hearn

Stephen Hearn

Chief Executive Officer

With nearly 30 years' experience as an animal health and agricultural market researcher, Stephen has thoroughly enjoyed a career leading all aspects of research across dozens of countries, for large and small clients, wide-ranging methodologies, latest digital technologies and, of course, among the full spectrum of respondent types around the world.

Stephen's farming roots, agricultural training from London University and long career make him a passionate advocate of how data, once transformed to insights and ultimately high-quality decisions, can change the world for the better. A constant innovator, Stephen is always seeking ways to exceed client expectations, engage respondents and provide exciting careers for the team.

While Stephen has led Kynetec continuously since its founding in 2002, he has also spent time managing and leading many other research companies outside of agricultural and animal health. Such experience has been invaluable, ensuring Stephen has the breadth of experience to lead Kynetec through the next data revolution -- a period he expects to be the most exciting of his career to date!

Stephen lives in the United Kingdom but travels frequently.

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