The situation

Our client wanted to walk in the boots of arable farmers to identify critical milestones from sowing to selling. They wanted to have a holistic overview of all aspects of crop management, decision-making, feelings and emotions, key influencers, needs and pain points throughout the crop cycle from the growers’ perspective to ensure their offering best met the needs of their customers.

Our approach

  • In-depth 1.5-2 hour face to face interactive interviews were conducted with growers
  • The entire spectrum of decisions being made and influences for a grower were analyzed for each step of the crop cycle
  • Each step included a deep dive into the importance of that step – emotional aspects, touch points, influencers, sources of information, perceptions of current offers

Business outcomes for the client

  • Our research provided the client with a 360° view of growers’ experiences, motivations, expectations and unmet needs throughout the crop cycle
  • By identifying grower needs and pain points, they were able to improve the positioning of their product portfolio and ensure their new product development pipeline was addressing the most pertinent needs of growers