The situation

Our client wanted to determine the market size and trends for medicated feed additives (MFAs)  across several countries. In addition, they wanted to understand the competitive landscape of MFAs to position and target a new product launch.

Our approach

  • Hundreds of quantitative interviews were conducted with the client’s customers
  • Different metrics were developed to compare performance between brands and to track progress over time, including:

    • Share of market voice
    • Share of brand equity
    • Share of market activities
    • Customer satisfaction score
  • Key driver analysis was conducted to identify the most important parameters influencing the purchasing decision-making process

Business outcomes for the client

  • By having a better understanding of both the market size by segments and the competition, the client was able to identify potential opportunities
  • The client was able to identify the geographies, species and product segments that they wanted to target and were able to realign their product portfolio accordingly
  • Key driver analysis provided direction on what types of sales tactics, actions, interactions, services and/or marketing programs may drive product adoption and help differentiate from competitors