Stay connected on the latest global trends in the crop protection market

The current global crop protection market is estimated to be worth around US$80 billion. sigma CP provides an annual quantification for more than 90% of the global crop protection market, brand by brand, country by country and crop by crop.

  • Covers all crop protection sectors
  • Includes 43 major crop groups
  • Contains more than 60,000 brands
  • Encompasses more than 1300 active ingredients
  • Provides insights on distribution channels
  • Reports product and active use at product brand and AI level

sigma CP provides the single most comprehensive source of information available to enable global strategic decision-making.

Where are the major markets? What are the regional and sector trends? Which are the key crops?

For a detailed view of what is happening in the market, contact Peter Rankin, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.