Global insights on awareness and usage in the companion animal parasiticide market

Kynetec’s VetInsight and PetInsight global portfolios provide insights into the companion animal parasiticide market by monitoring the use, intentions and perceptions of veterinarians and pet owners.

VetInsight Parasiticide A&U and VetInsight Message Impact

VetInisight Parasiticide A&U (Awareness & Usage) uses the brand purchase funnel to isolate key metrics, measuring vets’ current and future brand intentions to provide critical KPIs of parasiticide brands in the global veterinary channel. It includes 5 waves of history, with wave 6 available this spring.

For a more complete view of the global veterinary parasiticide market, this data can be used in conjunction with VetInsight Message Impact. Launched this year, this study:

  • Quantifies key messaging metrics
  • Identifies which brand attributes impact decision making & measures brand performance
  • Measures brand perceptions, satisfaction KPIs, and likelihood to recommend

PetInsight Parasiticide A&U Gives Insights on Pet Owner Behavior

Also new for 2019, PetInsight Parasiticide A&U provides detailed insights on pet owner behavior:

  • Includes sources of recommendation, satisfaction KPIs, and perceptions
  • Identifies which brand and channel attributes impact decision making
  • Profiles users based on demographics and purchase detail

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