Daniel Wirth

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update from Kynetec and Kleffmann

Dear partners and friends,

Along with the rest of the world, we are closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and following current guidance from the leading government and health authorities to ensure that we are taking the right actions to protect our employees, clients, suppliers, and the communities where we operate.

I want to share some of the actions that we are taking to ensure the continuity of our services and support teams during this challenging time.

Offices & remote working

In accordance with government mandates, most of our office locations will be temporarily closed or lightly attended.  Fortunately, nearly all staff will be able to work from home, so we are in great shape for continuance of normal activities.  Our business continues to run uninterrupted, of course including our customer service!

Data collection

Although face-to-face interviewing is not possible in most countries at the moment, our telephone, online, and digital methods are fully operational.  We will operate our call centres using remote Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) technology which is already implemented throughout our business.  In the limited locations where utilising remote CATI is not possible, we will keep our call centres open at this time by obeying minimum distance requirements, restricting the number of interviewers in the office at any given time, equipping interviewers with personal headsets, and increasing sanitation efforts.


Like most other businesses, our teams will only be traveling when there is an essential, business critical reason to do so.  This is a necessary measure to keep our employees and clients safe, while doing our part to help contain the spread of the Coronavirus.  Our teams are equipped with Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams for videoconferencing, while also having the means to connect with other platforms like Zoom and Starleaf.  See you there!

Best wishes and stay well,

Daniel Wirth