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SwineTrak™ from Kynetec - farmer driven insights on the German swine vaccine market.

Kynetec, global leaders in market insights for the animal health and agricultural sectors, regularly conduct interviews with veterinarians and farmers to provide the latest intelligence on the what, why, how and when regarding topics related to animal health, animal nutrition, diagnostics and genetics.

Their SwineTrak™ survey provides comprehensive information on the use of vaccines by German pig producers, which enables the animal health pharmaceutical sector to make more informed decisions regarding vaccine product development and the marketing of their swine vaccine portfolio.

Benefits all round

SwineTrak™ data offers invaluable insights for developers and manufacturers of veterinary medicinal products. When developing new drugs, the opinion and experience of the user is essential. Farmers and veterinarians have an opportunity to have a direct influence on the pharmaceutical industry, helping them to understand what drives vaccine use so they can develop improved products that better meet the needs of veterinarians and farmers.

Insightful results

The survey provides both quantitative (how much) and qualitative (the why and how) information on product use at the producer level. The results are made available in the form of a PowerPoint presentation and an interactive dashboard.

Here are some key insights from the last wave of SwineTrak™:

  • Farmers currently face a variety of challenges. The most common include social acceptance, political uncertainty and the discussion about animal welfare.
  • Influenza, PRRS and African swine fever (ASF) are the most important diseases pig farmers are currently confronted with. Farmers have been concerned about ASF for some time. Unfortunately, this pig disease has now arrived in Germany.
  • Disease prevention is their top priority
  • Vaccines account for around 70% of medication spend. Antibiotics (13%) and anti-inflammatory drugs (7%) make up a much smaller share of total expenditure on veterinary drugs.

The next SwineTrak™ study on vaccine use at producer level is being conducted in November/December 2020. The findings will be available from mid-February 2021.

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