Dr. Leah Buchman speaking at the 2023 Beltwide Cotton Conferences held in New Orleans, LA, USA

Insights on the use of herbicides and insecticides by US cotton growers

Speaking at the 2023 Beltwide Cotton Conferences held in New Orleans, LA, USA, Dr. Leah Buchman presented on the capabilities of Kynetec’s FarmTrak farmer panel. The data from FarmTrak provides insights on the dynamics of the crop protection market. Dr. Buchman focused specifically on the cotton crop protection market.

The Beltwide Cotton Conferences, organised by the National Cotton Council and The Cotton Foundation provided 3 days of individual reports, panel discussions, workshops and seminars for producers, consultants, academics and relevant stakeholders. The purpose of the conference is to provide delegates with the information they need to help make cotton production, marketing and research related decisions.

Dr. Buchman spoke in the Weed Science Research Conference where she shared insights on cotton herbicide and insecticide segments to better understand percent insect control and percent weed control across sample farms in the US during the 2020 and 2021 growing seasons.

Dr. Buchman concluded that focusing on active ingredient usage as it relates to various weed and insect pests, and examining the percent of farms treating for pests such as redroot pigweed and cotton bollworm, it is possible to extrapolate into various growing regions. Understanding changes in pesticide usage, for example, can be helpful when companies or organizations make strategic decisions relating to crop protection products in the market.


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