The situation

Our client wanted to have a deeper understanding of agricultural contractors to be able to respond well to their product and service requirements. Our research identified the types of existing contractors by gaining a deeper understanding of attitude, psychographics and customer language within contractor segments.

Our approach

  • Research was conducted in two phases
    • Qualitative in-depth interviews with various types and operation sizes of contractors
    • Quantitative face-to-face interviews with contractors to evaluate the attribute statements derived from phase one.
  • A comprehensive segmentation exercise was carried out based on parameters related to their practices, behaviors, attitudes, needs, challenges, etc., in agricultural services

Business outcomes for the client

  • Our client used the valuable insights from this research to develop a comprehensive divisional marketing strategy and subsequent product and service developments
  • The size of the different segments helped the client to prioritize and devise marketing strategies to suit the segment needs for products and value-added services