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China’s crop protection market value on the rise

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By Yuhong Wu

China’s crop protection market value at farm level reached CNY 96.9 billion (USD 13.9 billion) in harvest year 2019.

This represented a 4% growth compared with 2018, according to our CropTrak China annual market quantification. Over the last 8 years, China has seen continuous decreases in the number of crop protection applications, product dose rate and product volume consumed by farms, and an overall decline in product area treated (CAGR of -2.9%). These changes are mainly driven by China’s ‘zero growth’ agrochemical policy, pest pressure changes and the improving quality of domestic products. Meanwhile the average product price at farm level has increased over the last 8 years, resulting in an increase in product treatment cost at farm level (CAGR of 3.0%).

Rice and horticultural crops dominating the China crop protection market

In 2019, rice remained the largest single crop, capturing 23% of China’s total crop protection market value, with a crop protection value of almost CNY 21.8 billion (USD 3.1 billion). It saw a 2% growth from 2018, mainly due to increases in fungicide net treated area, fungicide spend per ha, herbicide spend per ha and number of herbicide applications.

Meanwhile, as a group, horticultural crop planted area and crop protection spend per hectare increased, driving crop protection value to grow by 4%, reaching CNY 43.7 billion (USD 6.3 billion) in 2019. This accounted for 45% of China's total crop protection market value.

CropTrak is an annual quantification of China’s Crop Protection market at farm level conducted since 2012, measuring product consumption by farms in the harvest year, covering 27 provinces and 35 crops, including field and horticultural crops.

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