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Kynetec’s gold standard data and analytics, unmatched expertise, and unrivaled market access is transforming the agricultural sector. With decades of global experience, we are committed to helping businesses, organizations, and governments make data-driven decisions that drive growth and sustainability.

  • Unrivaled global access and reach
  • Trusted by leading agricultural companies, organizations, and governments worldwide
  • Conducting research in over 80 countries
  • In-depth understanding of regional market dynamics
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Crop Protection and Seed


In-depth insights on country level farmer behaviors for crop protection and seed.

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sigma CP

An annual quantification of the global crop protection market.

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sigma Seed

An annual quantification of the global seed and biotechnology trait market.

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Farmer-driven insights on use of biopesticides.

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Transactional data on the sales of crop protection products from the retailer to the farmer in the US.

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Tracking sales of crop protection products from retailer to the farmer in selected APAC markets.

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Farmer Insights

Align your marketing strategy with farmer needs and expectations

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Customer Insights

Qualitative and quantitative customer insights to enable winning strategies.

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Combine in wheat



The only single-source insight into agronomic practice, registration data and dealer coverage.

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Tracking monthly sales of tractors, balers and combines at a zip code level.

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Global Registrations Data Monitor

Tracking registrations of ag machinery to understand market dynamics and identify market opportunities.

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Customer Insights

Qualitative and quantitative customer insights to enable winning strategies.

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  • Continuous investment in research and development to stay at the forefront of innovation
  • Long-standing partnerships with key stakeholders in the agricultural sector, trusting Kynetec as their most critical data provider

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The articles cover topics related to market insights on crop protection, seed and machinery.

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