October 31, 2017

Agbioinvestor, an agricultural market intelligence company based in Edinburgh, UK, and Kynetec, the global leader in agricultural and animal health market research, have entered into a product development collaboration to bring to the market a new market strategy software platform, sigma™ Select.

The collaboration combines Kynetec’s global agricultural market research data with Agbioinvestor’s industry-leading top-down analysis to create an agricultural business intelligence platform with the most in-depth ex-manufacturer market research available on the market. The platform will provide users with market insights and trends at the regional, country, crop and active ingredient level, as well as market shares for the leading manufacturers in these markets.

Stephen Hearn, CEO Kynetec

October 11, 2017

Kynetec has completed the acquisition of Market Probe Agriculture & Animal Health and Market Probe Europe. As established providers of qualitative and quantitative market research for local, regional and global businesses across more than 50 countries, the Market Probe team brings additional market research expertise to Kynetec’s team, adding around 40 experienced professionals to its global team of more than 600.

By combining the talented and dedicated staff and methodologies from Market Probe with Kynetec’s custom team, along with a considerable investment in innovation, Kynetec is excited about the added value this acquisition will bring to its clients. Kynetec will also now have operations in Belgium, increasing its global presence to 22 countries.

Nomman Ahmed

September 28, 2017

Kynetec is excited to announce that Nomman Ahmed will be joining the company on 2nd October as Senior Director of Insights & Consulting. Nomman will be based in Frankfurt, Germany, and will have a global role in developing and improving existing models for delivering insights to clients.

As Senior Director of Insights & Consulting, Nomman will support Kynetec’s syndicated teams by providing deeper insights from Kynetec’s rich data sources to ensure even greater value to clients. His background and experience make him extremely well qualified to take on this important role. “The addition of Nomman to our Kynetec team will afford us the expertise and ability to proactively identify insights and tailor them for each client,” said Richard Jameson, member of Kynetec’s global leadership team.

Nomman comes to Kynetec from the Kleffmann Group, where he served as both member of the board and regional manager of the Asia Pacific region. As a board member he was responsible for amisAgriGlobe, Kleffmann’s consulting division for the crop protection and seed sectors. Prior to his time at Kleffmann, Nomman spent several years in academia, including the Centre for International Development & Environmental Research in Giessen, Germany.

September 21, 2017

Demand forecasting is critical to ensure product availability, minimize inventory costs and optimize cash flow. Our AgriInsight Forecaster service accurately forecasts likely market demand for crop protection products in key markets. This level of forecasting is possible because of our Growing Opinions online agronomist community.

September 1, 2017

Kynetec’s latest sigma Seed Outlook program is now available. sigma Seed Outlook provides a 5- and 10-year forecast of the global seed and biotechnology trait market for leading 10 field crops and 18 leading vegetable species in 43 key countries. The program also includes qualitative insight into potential drivers for changes in demand of specific crops.


August 15, 2017 

Kynetec is providing a bigger picture of the beef, dairy and swine industries with the expansion of its LivestockInsight™ portfolio of studies in key countries throughout North and South America.

LivestockInsight continues to be a longstanding market share tracking study of the US livestock industry. Through this expansion, Kynetec will provide access to additional market share tracking for key therapeutic areas across additional markets.