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Embrace sustainability with Kynetec

Kynetec’s pioneering service is designed to support agribusiness, food, feed, fibre, finance and energy companies measure, report and improve the environmental impact of the 570 million farms worldwide.

By providing the most accurate, consistent, and timely primary on-farm data, we're empowering companies across their entire supply-chains to determine resilience to climate change; measure carbon emissions, use of water and impacts on biodiversity; as well as optimize environmental interventions for the benefit of both farmers and our planet. Annually updated, following new data collection across our farmer panel community each year.

Comprehensive coverage for major countries and commodities, including all major crop and livestock commodities.

  • The most complete primary data sets available, collected directly from farmers, globally
  • Blended with earth observation for reporting at grid square, zip code, county, state, region or country level (i.e. sourcing regions)
  • Enabling users to understand farming practices and purchases, as well their impact, as determined by the world’s leading environmental impact models
Red clover as a cover crop

Agriculture & Sustainability

FarmTrak Sustainability

Data and analytics for agriculture sustainability globally.

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Farmer-driven insights on regenerative agricultural practices.

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Greener Futures

Advancing agriculture sustainability

  • Create baselines and in turn determine additionality prior to investing in an intervention
  • Measure and report the environmental impact of agriculture
  • Calculate Scope 3 emissions and environmental footprints, each year, every year
  • Understand the interplay of each practice and each purchase each farmer makes on yield, quality of produce and environment
  • Track agriculture's influence on climate (removals, reductions and emissions), water, and biodiversity
  • Consistently collected, representative, comparable and timely data for modelling farm economic sustainability and supply-chain resilience to a changing climate
The Kynetec advantage
Empowering businesses
  • Global leader in agricultural and animal health market insights
  • Industry experts dedicated to delivering high-quality insights
  • Trusted by agribusinesses, governments and farmers worldwide
  • Insights to empower sustainability initiatives, driving change with the right farmers in the right locations at the right time
  • Data to measure the effectiveness of interventions
  • The most accurate data available for environment impact reporting
  • A team of experts internally and externally who can support use of data, or create a network of complementary companies to build a bespoke solution to meet your needs

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