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The cost-of-living crisis continues to have an impact on veterinarians and pet owners.

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The combined impact of the global pandemic, the Ukraine war, energy crisis, price increases and inflation have created a challenging environment for many, fueling a cost-of-living crisis.

How are veterinarians, clinics and pet owners across the world responding to this cost-of-living crisis? How should the veterinary industry adapt to the cost-of-living pressures?

Our cost-of-living tracker measures the pressures that veterinarians, clinics and pet owners are under. We look at how they are coping with these pressures and start to build a picture of how the veterinary industry should adapt.


The cost-of-living crisis is far from over

We are pleased to release the third instalment of our cost-of-living tracker which tracks the impact and evolution of the crisis on veterinarians and pet owners.

A free version of the report, covering the UK, France, Spain and the US, is available for download. From this report, you will learn about the personal, professional and financial impact of the crisis on veterinary clinics, as well as how they may evolve.

Download this report to learn about the personal, professional and financial impact of the cost-of-living crisis on veterinary clinics, as well as how they may evolve. The base veterinarian cost-of-living tracker report is available free for all to read and use.


Enhanced report

An enhanced more detailed version of the report is also available to subscribers. This enhanced report is an in-depth 360 exploration, including both pet owner and veterinarian perspective across 6 countries (including UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and US).

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