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The only view that matters

Kynetec's Agriview has delivered world-class agricultural machinery research and analysis for over three decades. Trusted by the foremost manufacturers and distributors of agricultural machinery, we're dedicated to helping international enterprises grow.

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Straight from the source

From tractors to combine harvesters, Agriview's sales data offers unrivalled access to key machinery sectors across Australia and New Zealand. The data is sourced directly from and made available to members of the tractor and machinery associations of Australia (TMA) and New Zealand (TAMA). We meticulously track sales and distribution patterns, arming data contributors with the accurate, timely data needed to thrive in today's dynamic markets.

With Kynetec's Agriview, association members see the market from a new perspective.

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Your strategic advantage

Within the changing agricultural landscape, we provide an oasis of certainty. Our statistical services are high-quality, relevant, and user-oriented.

Data contributors are provided with the knowledge they need, in a format to facilitate informed decision-making. In a sector where conditions can change as quickly as the weather, we help businesses stay one step ahead.


Building winning strategies

Measure Business Performance

  • Market trends
  • Market share
  • Monthly sales data by postcode - tractors, balers, combines
  • Integrate measures of dealer performance

Manage Production and Planning

  • Forecasting
  • Inventory management
  • Climatic information, crop areas, farm counts
  • See estimated tractor sales by region and horse power range

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