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VetoStat: Navigating your animal health market dynamics with sales-in data insights

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Drive your sales teams' performance

VetoStat aggregates your monthly sales-in data from multiple channels such as veterinary wholesalers, livestock wholesalers, pharmaceutical distributors, direct sales and retail wholesalers e.g. Petshops, DIY stores and Garden Centers, delivering your sales-in data at a veterinary practice level.

VetoStat enables smarter selling. As open-source data, VetoStat can feed into your CRM and business intelligence tools to provide your veterinary sales teams with accurate sales-in data – value and volume - from veterinary wholesalers and pharmacist for an unparalleled understanding of your business performance by veterinary practice.

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Enabling profitable decisions across the veterinary landscape

View your sales-in market performance in a multitude of ways, including:

  • Nationally
  • By business unit (small vs large animal)
  • By sales territory
  • By buying group and/or Corporate vet practice
  • By veterinary practice
  • By brand

to help you make the right decisions to drive your sell-in strategy.

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Addressing sales demands


  • What you need, when you need it: From specialized calculations to individual reports, VetoStat caters to your organization's unique challenges.
  • Dynamic sales management: Equip your sales team with insights that span business units, territories, species, and therapeutic classes.

Solving problems, creating opportunities

Territory Sales Planning

  • Monitor vet practice sell-in performance
  • Schedule clinic appointments
  • Enter visit reports and commercial action plans
  • Track and analyze contracts and orders
  • Calculate annual rebates

Sales Team Management

  • Monitor sales team performance
  • Calculate sales rep bonuses

Analytical Capabilities

  • Manufacturers, brands, products, SKUs
  • Values, volumes
  • Prices, categories, channels, customer segments
  • Veterinary clinic segmentation by type, size, and region
  • Buying groups, corporate veterinary practices, online sales-in

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