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PetTrak: Sales-out market insights for the veterinary channel

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Your questions answered from vet to pet

Support critical business decisions with PetTrak, a global leader in transactional analysis for the veterinary channel.

Combining millions of data points from multiple Practice Information Management Systems (PIMS), PetTrak provides market performance tracking for the veterinary channel.

PetTrak country coverage

From determining market sizes to identifying emerging trends

PetTrak provides the tools needed to track brand performance, evaluate market share, and recognize unrealized opportunities for sales out of the veterinary practice.

Analytics by species, therapeutic indication or active ingredient.

  • Identify market sizes and opportunities
  • Recognize emerging and declining segments
  • Monitor brand and manufacturer market shares

Introducing PetTrak

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Solving problems, creating opportunities

Market Performance

  • Size of the market
  • Share and volume performance
  • Brand performance
  • Average monthly brand price per dose
  • Expenditures across categories/products

Advanced Analytics & Performance

Providing the next level of understanding of your customers.
  • Pet owner sales by type of purchaser
  • Brand switching
  • Product portfolio
  • Purchase rates
  • Launch tracking

Industry Overview

Practice Revenue

  • Total revenue
  • Average revenue per practice

Patient Visits and Spend

  • Demographic and trends in patient visits
  • Total unique patients

  • Average unique patients per practice
  • Total patient visits
  • Average patient visits per practice
  • Average spend per pet
  • Average spend per visit
  • Unique visits per patient

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