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SpecialtyTrak: Point-of-sale data on parasiticide products

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Winning parasiticides strategies with point-of-sale data

With SpecialtyTrak you can track pet owner purchasing behavior in over-the-counter (OTC) channels; providing brand and channel share metrics in the parasiticide category for both OTC and professional brands.

SpecialtyTrak country coverage

Point-of-sale data is collected from major retailers, enabling monthly tracking of parasiticide sales

Monitor market trends by species, product form and category.

  • Prioritize sales and marketing investments
  • Identify unrecognized market potential
  • Evaluate business performance
  • Discover white space opportunities

Solving problems, creating opportunities

Market Trends

  • By species
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturer
  • Formulation
  • Product class
  • Brand market share - dose, value, unit
  • Pricing

Analytical Capabilities

  • Manufacturers, brands, products 
  • Values, volumes
  • Prices, categories, channels

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