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Ag Tech Talk Podcast: Kynetec’s Nomman Ahmed Discusses the Role of Predictive Technology in Advancing Crop Protection

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Dr. Nomman Ahmed, Executive Director, Global Practice Advanced Analytics & sigma at Kynetec, was interviewed by AgriBusiness Global for an Ag Tech Talk Podcast.

Nomman discusses the Role of Predictive Technology in Advancing Crop Protection

The Podcast interview includes questions along the lines of
  1. What is Predictive Intelligence in plain English?
  2. How does Predictive Intelligence help with forecasting supply and demand for crop protection?
  3. With so much oversupply in the market presently in crop protection, can predictive intelligence analyze additional influences of war and government policies affects on the market?
  4. What are the key trends in the sector that will cause disruption for agribusinesses? 
  5. Can you share a practical example of how predictive intelligence can support business success? 
  6. The weather has a huge impact on input demand at a farm level. How can predictive intelligence help agribusiness get ahead of this demand, accurately? 
  7. A lot of people are afraid that AI will replace people in the job force, do you see it more as an addition to the team rather than replacing people? 
  8. What kind of information can Predictive Intelligence provide as far as trends in biologicals globally and regionally?

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