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Kynetec's export market forecast fuels ag-machinery growth in competitive €9 billion Euro market

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Case Study


Germany boasts a robust agricultural machinery industry, with 180 manufacturers of tractors, harvesting machines, implements, and components. In 2022, farm machinery exports from Germany reached 9 billion Euros. The industry is supported by the VDMA, Germany's largest network organization for machinery and equipment manufacturing. The VDMA is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

Overarching Challenge

Many manufacturers in the industry are medium-sized companies with limited resources for obtaining regular customer insights from export markets. Despite having an export share of 50% or more, these companies often lack the means for systematic tracking of changes in framework conditions and business climate across various countries.


Cost of not finding a solution

Without a clear understanding of export markets, manufacturers lack the foundation for making far-reaching investment decisions and production planning.


We provide regular updates to the VDMA export working group on the business climate and investment intentions in seven leading export markets. Since 2020, we have conducted seven waves of surveys, involving 300 interviews with farmers and contractors each in France, the UK, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, China, and the United States. This data is combined with historical information and presented in interactive dashboards via our secure online MyKynetec platform. Additional deliverables include infographics, PowerPoint reports, and contributions from our country experts during debriefs.


Our findings offer forecasts of farmers' and contractors' purchase intentions for essential agricultural machinery and equipment. We highlight the factors influencing the business climate in each market and provide feedback on topical matters (e.g., COVID or trade sanctions). By equipping manufacturers with these forecasts, they can make informed decisions, optimize production planning, and capitalize on opportunities for business growth in the competitive global market.

New Tractors


The Export Market Forecast not only serves as a blueprint for insightful market tracking research but also as a powerful tool that grants our clients a competitive edge in the farm machinery industry. By utilizing our expertise, manufacturers can navigate the complex global landscape, seize emerging opportunities, and ultimately achieve sustained growth.

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