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Identifying trends in Europe's cereal crop protection market: Autumn/Fall-only sprays on the rise

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Case Study


In the European cereals selective herbicides segment, an increasing number of farmers are shifting from spring applications to autumn/fall applications. Some farmers are also opting for both autumn/fall and spring applications. Our client wanted to know if this trend was increasing and, if so, in which countries.

Overarching Challenge

The main challenges were to understand the investment levels of farmers, their product choices, and their primary suppliers. The goal was to determine if there were differences between suppliers of autumn/fall and spring herbicide products and the timing of applications.

Insights on autumn/fall and spring herbicide applications

Cost of not finding a solution

If the market was indeed moving from spring to autumn/fall applications, our client could miss the trend, remain uninformed, and lose market share.


We evaluated Kynetec’s FarmTrak cereals data at the farmer ID level, focusing on farmers participating in our study for multiple years. These farmers’ responses were filtered and grouped into seasonal segments. This allowed us to review the cereals selective herbicides market for farmers applying only autumn/fall sprays, autumn/fall and spring sprays, or spring-only sprays.


This deep analysis of our FarmTrak data showed a clear trend in some of Europe's cereals selective herbicides market, indicating a shift towards autumn/fall-only sprays. This trend affects the investment levels and choice of products, leading to market share movements towards companies with a strong autumn/fall portfolio.

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By gaining a deep understanding of the market trends, our client was able to redirect their R&D and marketing efforts towards the seasonal segment applications that were evolving.

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