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Kynetec sows the seeds of success: flourishing amid strict EU herbicide regulations

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Case Study


The European Union, as part of the Farm to Fork Policy, increasingly restricts the use of molecules. This applies to numerous insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides. Our Hungarian team was handed an interesting case to resolve: The approval of terbuthylazine, a crucial herbicide used in corn and sunflower cultivation, was restricted to usage only every third year in the same field, significantly reducing farmers’ options for weed control. Our client needed deeper insights into the issue to enable them to understand the strategic options open to them to adapt to the restriction in terbuthylazine use.

Overarching Challenge

It was essential to determine the significance of terbuthylazine in crop cultivation, the extent of its usage, and its impact on farmers' crop rotation practices and product selection. Our client, a leading player in the corn and sunflower herbicide markets, relied heavily on terbuthylazine-based pesticides, and the restriction posed a threat to their market share.

Terbuthylazine is a crucial herbicide used in corn and sunflower cultivation

Cost of not finding a solution

Not addressing the issue could result in a significant market share drop in the two largest crop protection markets for our client. Competitors with terbuthylazine-free solutions posed an increasing challenge.


We employed a two-step approach. First, we conducted a Kynetec FarmTrak corn and sunflower data analysis to assess the possible impacts of terbuthylazine restriction. Second, we studied a large sample size to identify crop rotation practices, estimate corn monoculture share, and show our client the impact of the planned restrictions.


We assessed the impact of the restrictions on terbuthylazine-based products and modeled farmers' future behavior. The insights then informed our client's marketing campaigns and product development, allowing them to adapt to the changing landscape.

Tractor spraying pesticides on corn field


The terbuthylazine restriction had a significant impact on the industry. Our timely analysis enabled our client to gain a competitive edge, develop new crop protection solutions, and launch a new communication campaign ahead of the competition. As a result, our client maintained their market position while competitors struggled to react.

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