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Kynetec's farm financial model cultivates growth in sustainable agriculture, fostering a greener future

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Case Study


Sustainability is a central issue in the context of climate change and the European political agenda. Agriculture contributes significantly to the carbon footprint and impacts biodiversity.

Overarching Challenge

Sustainable agricultural practices are used to mitigate the impact of farming on the ecosystem. However, farmers are often hesitant to change their traditional ways of working. Economic benefits have been identified as strong drivers for increasing adoption of sustainable farming practices.

Sustainable agricultural practices are used to mitigate the impact of farming on the ecosystem

Cost of not finding a solution

Farmers who do not comply with EU policies around more sustainable farming practices are at risk of receiving financial penalties for non-compliance.


Kynetec developed scientifically-robust data-driven Farm Financial Model, which transparently demonstrates the financial benefits of sustainable farming practices (e.g., field margins, crop rotations, non-inversion tillage, and cover crops) through the gross margin impact on a proxy farm.


Our client, a global manufacturer of crop protection and seeds, uses our Farm Financial Model for internal training of their agronomists and communication with growers. To support the communication with these audiences, our graphic designers also created an animated storytelling video for this project.

Sustainable agriculture


We demonstrated that high-quality, widely-accepted scientific findings, curated by our experts, can be translated into everyday business concepts easily accessible to a wider audience. Our Farm Financial Model serves as a valuable tool for promoting profitable sustainable agriculture and fostering a greener future.

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