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Co-campaign to recognize the dedication of the veterinary profession for World Veterinary Day

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Case Study


Boehringer Ingelheim were planning a global communications campaign, “Going Beyond”, to celebrate World Veterinary Day. The aim of the campaign was to promote greater appreciation of the work of veterinarians across all types of animals, and to highlight the fact that some of the services provided by veterinarians are often not seen, recognized, nor appreciated.

Overarching Challenge

Boehringer Ingelheim required data and insights to provide the content and messaging for the Going Beyond campaign. They needed some statistics to help quantify how much veterinarians believe their profession is appreciated, what underpins appreciation levels, and to understand the reasons why veterinarians feel their profession is underappreciated.



Cost of not finding a solution

Without the launch of the Going Beyond campaign in time for World Veterinary Day, the opportunity for timely attention and support for the veterinary profession garnered by World Veterinary Day may have been missed.


Kynetec, in partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim, developed an online survey. Kynetec collected and collated the data from a representative sample of 1056 companion, livestock, equine and mixed practice veterinarians in the United States, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Brazil, and Germany.

Post survey analysis and reporting of the data by Kynetec provided the insights that Boehringer Ingelheim needed to understand if and how much veterinarians feel valued and understood by animal owners.


The key takeaway from the data was that just 49% of veterinarians feel that the profession is appreciated.

Supporting that hero statement were further insights, both positive and negative:

  • Veterinary professionals do believe that their clients appreciate their “level of expertise” (66% of veterinarians surveyed), their “ability to deal with ethical dilemmas (including euthanasia)” (61% of veterinarians), and the fact that “they provide a large variety of care” (57% of veterinarians).
  • However, conversely, of all respondents, 49% felt they were underappreciated by clients when it came to understanding the “resilience to stress and emotional exhaustion” required for the job, with 48% reporting an underappreciation of the fact they “work despite feeling physically exhausted” and the way they “trade-off their work-life-balance to help animals.”

Boehringer Ingelheim used the findings of the surveys to create their global Going Beyond campaign, timed to launch in conjunction with World Veterinary Day, whose theme was ‘veterinarians are essential healthcare workers’. The Going Beyond global multi-channel campaign comprised species-focused videos, media news releases and social media content.

Read the Boehringer Ingelheim press release here.

See the LinkedIn post here.

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Kynetec and Boehringer Ingelheim believe that access to veterinary care should never be taken for granted. By collaborating to create the global Going Beyond campaign, we celebrated the essential behind-the-scenes care that veterinarians provide for animals and communities worldwide. We are united to help veterinarians, supporting any initiative that aims to change this perception.

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