Our client wanted to walk in the boots of arable farmers to identify critical milestones from sowing to selling. They wanted to have a holistic overview of all aspects of crop management, decision-making, feelings and emotions, key influencers, needs and pain points throughout the crop cycle from the growers’ perspective to ensure their offering best met the needs of their customers.

Our client wanted to monitor and track the effectiveness of their sales force across several countries.  The sales force was benchmarked against their major competitors.

Our client wanted to determine the market size and trends for medicated feed additives (MFAs)  across several countries. In addition, they wanted to understand the competitive landscape of MFAs to position and target a new product launch.

Our client wanted to establish market potential of two new animal health products; price needed to be tested for market acceptability. The client also wanted to establish how the new products would fit into their customers’ current drench and vaccine programs.

We conducted a survey to measure the attributes that distributors are looking for from their suppliers. It also measured how suppliers were performing against these attributes.

Our client wanted to understand farmers’ reactions to various price points for new corn seeds. Other topics, such as purchase influencers, current agronomic practices and concept evaluation, were researched to provide a holistic understanding of the market and farmer perceptions.

Our client wanted to review their existing channel strategy by having an in-depth understanding of the channel structure and dynamics in their market. Our research helped define the best approach for working with different channel partner types and insights into how to build sustainable channel partnerships.

Our client was introducing a new product. To maximize launch success and return on investment, they wanted to assess and test the acceptance of the new product and establish appropriate pricing.

Our client wanted to have a deeper understanding of agricultural contractors to be able to respond well to their product and service requirements. Our research identified the types of existing contractors by gaining a deeper understanding of attitude, psychographics and customer language within contractor segments.

Our client wanted to evaluate the brand health and usage of a recently launched product. Our research included assessment of key drivers for selecting the product, as well as establishing which product attributes were most appealing and which aspects were of concern or considered weak.