Providing sponsorship to chilli growers in Uganda, enabling them to reach their market potential

Kynetec is proud to announce that we have made a donation to Farm Africa’s program, Commercializing Chilli Production, an initiative that provides training and resources to help small-scale chilli farmers fulfill their market potential in Uganda.

Agriculture is the backbone of Uganda's economy, providing jobs to 70% of the population and providing 50% of the country's export revenue. In particular, the African bird's eye (ABE) chilli is in huge demand on the global market, with demand outpacing the supply. Our donation will help:

  • To increase the yields of 3,000 small-scale chilli farmers by providing agronomic training about improved soil and water management and post-harvest handling
  • To increase the standards of produce by training in Global GAP standards so that they can meet buyer requirements
  • To help chilli farmers access high-quality inputs, by training young people to make chilli drying racks and best practice use of fertilisers and pesticides
  • To support growers to enter international markets by achieving certification and providing tailored training in finance and management
  • To improve access to finance for chilli farmers and small agribusinesses by making connections to village-level banks and providing financial literacy and business skills training.

"We are honored to be in a position to be able to make a difference through our support of this program," said Daniel Wirth, Kynetec COO. "With our sponsorship of Farm Africa, we are supporting the Ugandan economy and the agriculture industry."

Farm Africa is an organization whose mission is to reduce poverty by helping farmers increase their harvests, protect the environment and sell their produce in thriving markets. Read more about the program here.