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Latest insights on the use of digital tools by French livestock farmers for farm management, reproduction, nutrition and health

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Catherine Bras Sionneau
Executive Director of Customer Insights at Kynetec.

Speaking at VetoTIC #3, a conference centered around digitalisation of livestock farming organized by ZOOPOLE développement and Bretagne Développement Innovation, Catherine Bras Sionneau, Executive Director of Customer Insights at Kynetec presented insights on the usage and attitudes of French livestock farmers towards digital technology.

The insights were drawn from an on-line survey that was conducted across 154 French livestock farmers, recruited from Kynetec’s farmer community. The survey explored how farmers currently use mobile apps, software and online services to manage the many different aspects of their farms. The farmers were also asked about their views on the future role of digital technology, including specific feedback on the types of applications technology could have with respect to farm management in the next 5 years.

The insights presented by Catherine highlighted that livestock farmers use a spectrum of digital tools. Online services are used the most. Mobile apps and software are also used. Dairy farmers are the biggest users of digital technology compared to other types of livestock farmers.

The digital tools are mainly used to support administrative management of the farm. Digital tools also play an important role with respect to reproduction, health and nutrition, which are predominantly managed by apps, followed by software and online services.

Looking to the future, Catherine commented “Whilst the vast majority of respondents see digitalisation of their farms growing in importance in the coming 5 years, this doesn’t come without concerns around the sharing of data. Explanations, reassurance, providing feedback and benchmarking references will help farmers see benefits for their operations, and feel more at ease with sharing their farm data.”

She concluded that whilst many might assume that farmers from the younger generation would be the heavier users of digital tools, and be more open to these types of technologies, in this survey there was no statistical differences between the younger generation and the older generation.

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