Young Farmers working in field with tractor in the background

The agricultural sector, providing security during periods of uncertainty

Millennials represent around 35% of the global workforce1 and about 30% in Europe2. Among the wide variety of specializations and jobs, millennials in Europe tend to choose careers in software development, data science, sales and marketing, management. The share of millennials among workers occupied in these sectors is above 30-40%.3

Working within the farming sector is less popular amongst millennials. According to Kynetec’s FarmTrakTM study, the share of millennials working as agricultural workers in Europe is about 20%. The graph shows the percentage of millennials working as agricultural workers across 10 European countries:

share of milennials in ag 0721

In Central and Eastern Europe, millennials represent 23% of agricultural workers. Compare that with Western Europe, where millennials represent 17% of agricultural workers. Unfortunately, the trend is not promising as the share of millennials among agricultural workers has decreased from 24% 7 years ago to 20% in 2020.

Whilst working in agriculture is becoming less popular for the younger generation, the COVID-19 pandemic may present an opportunity to stimulate change? Among all industries, agriculture is one of the most resilient in times of crisis. Throughout the pandemic agriculture has turned out to be one of the most secure workplaces. In addition, technological developments in agriculture continue to rapidly advance, providing opportunities for young innovation driven workers.

You can find more market insights from our FarmTrakTM farmer panels where we conduct research in around 50 countries, representing the voices of more than 200 000 crop respondents globally.


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