2021 Supported Charities

Supporting charities in every region of the world

Kynetec is pleased to announce that this year their annual charitable donation has been divided between five charities across the globe. The chosen charities were based on feedback from Kynetec’s regional teams.


Kynetec Western Europe nominated to support to support Wildlife Vets International. This charity provides critical veterinary support to international wildlife and conservation projects. They work in partnership with government and non-governmental organisations to support conservation initiatives and help them access the best specialist veterinary expertise.


Kynetec Central and Eastern Europe nominated BeeLife, a charitable organisation who work to improve environmental conditions for bees and pollinators for the future of bees and biodiversity.


Kynetec North America nominated to support Not one more vet, a charity who provide education, resources and support to transform the status of mental wellness within the veterinary profession.


Kynetec Latin America nominated to support ReforestArg. ReforestArg create communities of volunteers to plant trees, empower local producers and preserve native forests to help improve the environment.


Kynetec Asia nominated to support Animals Asia, a charity whose mission is to end the farming of bears for bile in Vietnam and China, end the suffering of wild animals in captivity and ensure humane treatment of dogs and cats.

Thanks to the initiatives of our colleagues, Kynetec is delighted to be supporting a number of charities across all regions relevant to Agriculture, Animal Health and sustainability.