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Analyse and monitor customer acquisition with PetTrak France from Kynetec

Players across the animal health veterinary channel in France can now benefit from additional market insights through Kynetec’s PetTrak Source of Volume service. Combining millions of data points from multiple PIMS data sources, combined with Kynetec’s Advanced Analytics techniques, subscribers to PetTrak in France can now analyse and monitor customer acquisition sources by segment through “Source of Volume” analytics.

“Source of Volume” analyses five segments of pet owners – loyal; multi-brand repeat; new adult; new puppy/kitten; switcher – to enable the animal health veterinary channel to have a thorough understanding of brand switching behaviours between the five segments.

Charles Bosquet, Kynetec’s Market Insights Manager for France explains “PetTrak Source of Volume analytics provides insights on which brands within parasiticides, NSAIDs and prescription food are gaining or losing revenue, and from where those gains or losses come.” He continues “For a given brand, it is possible to provide a segmentation profile of the five pet owner types. Analysing movements in sales revenue between the segments helps determine the best sales and marketing strategy for a given brand. For example, over time is the brand gaining loyalty, or does the brand have a high degree of switchers? For each analytical outcome, a specific sales and marketing approach can be executed.”

The loyal segment is defined as those pet owners who have only purchased the same brand during past 15 months. Multi-brand repeats are defined as those who have switched brands in the past, but the last two purchases have been for the same brand. The new adult dog/cat segment are those who made a purchase for the first time this month in past 15 months. The new puppy/kitten represents purchases for the first time this month over the past 15 months. The switcher segment is defined as pet owners who made a brand switch at their most recent purchase.

As well as understanding brand switching behaviours between the five segments, Source of Volume identifies a brand’s largest competitive threats and portfolio opportunities.

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