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New Zealand tractor sales up 17% in the first seven months 2022

Speaking at the 2022 Tractor and Machinery Association of New Zealand annual conference in Christchurch, Alan Kirsten presented Agriview’s State of the Industry Report on the latest insights on the health and state of the tractor, combine and baler industry.

Examining the New Zealand machinery market trends with the perspective that the 2021 tractor sales is the second highest sales result in the last 10 years, and is up 6% on the previous 5 year average.

When looking at the year to date sales to July 2022, Alan reported that sales are up 17%, with all seven months being positive growth on the same time last year. Alan reported that:

“So far this year, North Island sales are up 13% on the same time last year, and South Island sales are up 25%. This is positive, however we do need to be mindful of the impact which the increasing interest rates, and inflation will cause. Labour shortages, shipping issues and global disruptions to the supply chain are also going to impact, and we need to be mindful of this in our planning.”

The New Zealand tractor and machinery growth needs to be looked at within context when comparing the growth trajectory with that of the Australian market, as the New Zealand market did not benefit from the Governmental lever of an instant asset tax write off scheme which had a huge impact on the Australian numbers.

Alan also broached the subject of data sharing within the industry. “As an industry, we need to work together to ensure that, when challenged by new Government regulations, that the industry has the necessary information on hand to either support new regulations or argue against them based on factual information”

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